Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sam and Kristina came over to our house Memorial Day. We had a fun afternoon...eating ice cream, shooting Sam's many guns, and moseying around our property.

The kids have been enjoying the creek on hot days.

Kevin and the kids have planted tomatoes, onions, and watermelon in the garden.

I'm staying busy weed eating.

Kevin's farm truck.


Anne said...

Shawn looks just like Sam when he was a baby. Just amazing. Daddy and I sure would have enjoyed being there w/you all. I would be at the creek today fixing an area about 2 feet deep. That would be my project. Then I would have a natural pool to sit in and cool off on these hot days. The new truck is beautiful. The only thing missing is the good Iowa soil. But it will be interesting to see what Kevin's farming expertise can produce in the Tenn soil. I know you will have a great garden w/Kevin taking care of it.

grandaddy said...

Boy it sure looks like all the farm hands are busy at the LAZY K.A.T ranch. I guess the horse girl is in charge of the motorized goat...better known as the weed eater...Kaleb is the gardener and the creek worker...Allyson is the kiddie guard in the back of the truck and makes sure none of the cow boys have to much fun at the creek...Travis, well he is still a green horn but he is coming on fast and one day might even be ranch foreman.

Kristin said...

The scenery is just beautiful. I love looking out and not being able to see anyone or anyones house. Just wait to those youngsters get older. You are going to have a powerful work horse that can take care of most of the farm work. Why did we move from the red house????? I love the truck also. Kevin would love to be there to take some pictures. I want to see the inside of the house again after all your stuff is in there.

Katie said...

I just absolutely love your new place. It looks like paradise. I'm sure every time you go somewhere you just can't wait to get back home!