Thursday, January 13, 2011


Here is a video of Kevin giving Kaleb a snowmobile ride around great Grandma Hanna's farm. This is the only time I used my camera while in Iowa.


Kristin said...

Love the snow, miss the snow, want some snow. Did you get a ride, Allyson and Travis?

Anne said...

I would love to do that and get some cross-country skiis. Fun,fun. I can hear Allyson,"Give me a ride, is it my turn now?" Whose house is in the distance?

Katie said...

Oh wow this looks so fun!! I would rather do this than skiing because it appears to be a lot less work! :)
Did you ride on it, Candace? I agree with you, Kristin...I miss the snow!

Candace said...

Allyson got a ride (Travis was taking a nap).
That is a neighbor's house down at the end of great Grandma's driveway.
I didn't ride...I had fun watching. :)