Thursday, January 27, 2011

Play date

Hey! It's Woody and Buzz!
The kids had fun playing and making rice krispy treats w/Ben today at our house...Jean and I had fun talking. :)

Our broken down Acura is finally out of the driveway! A couple of weeks ago, a guy who works w/Kevin came over and towed it away.


Kevin W said...

Are you getting the car fixed? Mera would love to dress up and play every day if she could.

Kristin said...

I didn't know that the car was broken down. Is it done for? Do you have two mini vans now?

Kristin said...

ok...the second picture got me sidetracked from the picture that I really liked. Travis, you are the cutest little thing I have ever seen. I love looking at your mouth and trying to picture you talking.

Candace said...

It needs a new fuel pump, among many other things...the car served us well...even made some money getting rid of it. :)
Yes, we have two mini vans.

Meradeth sure would have fun playing w/her cousins!

Anne said...

Now there are two knuckle heads if I ever saw any. I could just hug them both they look so darling. I bet they had a great time playing in their outfits.

Katie said...

Oh the boys look SO cute in their little outfits. I am so excited that Travis now likes talking on the phone. I had so much fun listening to him make noises with his toys the last time we talked and asking me which sound I liked best. HA HA!!