Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kevin's All-Star Game

Kevin had his first game playing for our church's baseball team.
Kevin got on base every bat.
He was the only one that seemed to know how to slide
Kevin said that he hasn't had to run that fast since high school
They Won! They are playing all summer and are playing all different types of men's teams.


Anne said...

I wish we could have been there to cheer Kevin on. He looks like a professional swinging that bat and sliding.

Candace said...

Nice picture taking, Kristin!
Baseball is my favorite sport...great playing, Kev.

Katie said...

That looks like so much fun! You seriously do look like a pro out there, Kev! I would be waaay too afraid to slide in the dirt, plus it's too messy and I would probably skin up my leg and break a nail. :-)

I love watching baseball too, Candace.

Kristin said...

Kevin did skin his knee from this slide. He was very very good in high school. Kristen (my daughter) took these pictures because I was a nervous wreck on the bleachers thinking Kevin was going to get hit in the head with the ball or somebody was going to be mean to him..I know...very silly.

Fran said...

Now, I am not bragging but isn't Kevin the most handsome guy and so professional looking!!!! Had to keep Kristinah calm during the game, because she was soooo nervous!

Candace said...

After watching Allyson's soccer games, I know now that I'm one of those loud mouth competitive people you hear sitting in the bleachers! :)