Saturday, June 12, 2010

Enjoying being together! from Candace Hanna on Vimeo.

We headed out to the lake early this morning...and had a splendid time...our first entire day together as a family in a loooong time.


Anne said...

Daddy and I are soooooo happy that you have this weekend together and got to go out on the lake. Nothing like Tenn lakes for having fun in the summer and Norris is so pretty. Did you catch any fish? I like the pontoon. A perfect boat for a family.

Kristin said...

Candace, I am so happy that it actually worked out for you guys to go. You know, I just kinda new when we talked on the phone that it was going to work out and you guys would get to go. So excited for you.

Katie said...

Well, I am glad it worked out too, Candace, even tho I don't know what everyone is talking about! :-)

That lake water is just gorgeous! Was this a day trip or overnight? The boys looks so adorable with their fishing poles.