Monday, April 12, 2010

A FUN weekend!

Sharing laughs...listening to Kevin's entertaining stories...watching how far Wyatt could make it up the steep hill on Allyson's pink and purple bike...sticking suction arrows to Kelly's forehead...and grillin' hamburgers and bratwursts.
A very fun Saturday evening!

Steve and Kelly tryin' out "The Cuddler Recliner"

After Sunday morning services, we went to eat at Firehouse Subs. Then we had to say goodbye. :(
Hope to see y'all again soon!

Click on the two video links to see the kids playing w/Wyatt...


Anne said...

You had beautiful weather while the Copes were there which makes everything even better. Daddy was saying on Sat. that he bet the kids were having fun playing together. I am glad that you got to see your old friends again.

Kristin said...

You two look like sisters, Candace. Did they stay overnight at your house? I love seeing pictures of the inside of your house because I know what I am looking at him now.

Katie said...

I thought the same thing...that you two look like you could be sisters!!

Looks like you all have SO much fun. I'm sure it made you miss living near each other a bunch!

Candace said...

Yep, stayed overnight on Saturday...then went to church w/us in the morning.