Thursday, March 18, 2010

My question

Today, I finally went and got my IA license switched to TN.
How awful is that picture? I do kinda have an excuse...while the DMV lady was taking my picture, I was busy trying to keep Travis from jumping into the picture w/me.
But anyway, now I want everyone to post their ugly driver license picture! :)
Won't that be FUN!
Come on...who's gonna be first?
Then, I want Caleb to be the judge and decide who is the winner of the Ugliest Driver License Picture contest.


Kevin W said...

Thats not that bad. I will put mine on tomorrow.

Candace said...

...and Kristin's license pic.

Anne said...

I think my picture was taken back in the days when you could smile. I know that you can not smile for passport pictures anymore. Is that true for driver's license also?

Candace said...

Well, the lady said, "You can smile or not." I was planning on smiling, but like I said, Travis' misbehaving somewhat changed that. :(

Lula said...

Candace! How funny...It does look more like a mug shot, lolol! I'll show you mine some time...but don't know how to get the pic on here for you...I would have to go through my blog..and you know I don't comment there much :P

I just love your boys...they are oh so cute and full of personality!


Katie said...

I will get mine scanned in on Monday when I go back to work. It was taken almost 9 years ago!!

Candace said...

I bet that'll be a funny pic, Katie! haha :)