Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The End

When you're almost to the top, a camera automatically snaps your picture. Since I am terrified of heights, my picture wasn't anything great to see. :(
Kaleb LOVED the ride though...Travis wasn't too crazy about it...and Kevin was fairly okay w/it until Kaleb would rock the chair back and forth!

Now this is more my kind of fun...SHOPPING! We also went into Ripley's Mirror Maze...the kids liked that!

We ended our wonderful day eating a delicious supper here. These are the last pictures of our fabulous day...hope you enjoyed them!


Anne said...

I see you are getting use of the jacket I wanted to take back.Ha,ha. I wouldn't mind the chair lift too much as long as I didn't have my little darlings with me to worry about. I used to go on them every Sat. when I was a teenager to ski.

Kevin W said...

Looked like great fun. How high does the lift go?

Candace said...

It's a 500 foot ascent...the actual chair ride is longer though.
Going up was more difficult for me because I felt like I was falling backwards.

Yes, I love the jacket, Mama! You still can't have it. :) haha