Friday, March 5, 2010

Ally being Ally

(click on the play button)


Kristin said...

She is a nut!! There must be something cooky in the bentley genes that makes all of us have a girl first that is a complete NUT!!! Mama had a nut first (hehe!), Candace had a nut first...and I think no one can deny Meradeth. Katie.....look out if you have a girl first!! So is Kaleb allowed to ride his bike to the end of the street? I love the neighborhood.

Kevin W said...

Mera would have soooo much fun riding a bike with you Ally, wish we could be closer so you could give her some tips .

Candace said...

The boys are allowed to ride their bike to the end of the driveway...none of 'em are allowed to play in front of the house unless Kevin or I are outside.