Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Office

This is my new office! Note the my lovely work station area and the polka dot furniture I picked out for the lobby. The view of the van and the men in striped jump suits across the street is the inmate work crew waiting to get back into the jail for dinner. The jail is the big white building you see. When Eric is working and he arrests someone, he pulls his car into that garage door and takes the prisoner into the jail.


Candace said...

Great office! I like the pink sticky note on the wall. :)
The office furniture is beautiful...looks like a cozy living room. It looks as if ur buisness is in a newer building.
That's an awful jump suit color the inmates have to wear. I would be scared to turn my back on those yucky prisoners like that policeman is doing behind the van.
Great pictures...keep'm coming!

Kristin said...

So have you ever seen Eric drive up with a prisoner? Love the office. I will have to put a picture of my office up here sometime (its my bed :)) Glad he let you pick out the furniture for the office. Great taste!

Katie said...

No, I have never seen Eric drive up with a prisoner because he works nights after I'm already gone from work.

Andry said...

Good feature! The New Office Furniture looks fantastic over all for your office area.