Monday, November 30, 2009

Some other things...

Allyson made these cookies all herself and decorated them...and then was the perfect hostess and served us all!
Mrs. Barbara was our guest on Friday! Allyson is chatting in her room.

It's time for those awful goodbyes!

Here is a link to 3 videos I took while Daddy and Mama were here:


Katie said...

Oh I had so much fun watching all the videos and looking at the pictures. You are so cute, Mama, playing in "the opera"!!! Eric and I were laughing so hard watching you and Allyson. That music box and the necklace is just beautiful. That was so sweet of Barbara. I know you all hated to say goodbye, but now that we're all so close we can see each other more often!

Jo said...

Hi Candace,
I'm so glad that you all had a nice Thanksgiving with your family! I hope we are able to come for a visit next summer too! And someday(maybe in 15 years or so when the children are grown!) we will have to take our trip to Europe and see lots of historical sights!