Friday, October 2, 2009

Where I could be...

(Kristin and Daddy, Mama and Meradeth)

(Katie and Meradeth in the rental house's pool)

(Caleb in the backyard)

I could be relaxing at a beach house along w/Katie, Eric, Kristin, Kevin, Meradeth, and Caleb that Daddy and Mama rented for a week in Vero Beach, FL. But we are busy moving! We got our house listed last night w/Coldwell Banker; and in about an hour, Kevin and I will be heading down to TN for 4 days to find a place to rent. Then back to Iowa for about a week to tie up some loose ends. Please keep us in your prayers! :)
Hopefully, I'll have pictures to post when we return.


Kevin W said...

This is kristin leaving the comment: One of these days, all of us will be within one driving days distance of each other. I KNOW IT! Just look at the changes that have happened in the last year!! Cant wait until next year, because I know we will all get together sometime. LOVE YOU CANDACE

Anne said...

We all missed you and Kevin and the kids. We were always saying, wouldn't Allyson and Kaleb and Travis enjoy this pool. This next summer we will all have to get together on the shores of Norris lake.