Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wonderful blessed day

(Everyone, please remember to click on the HAVE TO see this photo larger! ...Candace Hanna)


Candace said...

Where do I begin?!...there are SO many things I love in the photo!
I like ur ring and the white tux, Eric...excellent choice!
Great flowers! You can't go wrong w/roses!
Everyone looks exquisite and happy! :)

photozmom said...

What a beautiful picture! Congratulations Eric and Katie! Okay...I am not family BUT I am DYING to see more pictures :O)A life full of happiness and God's richest blessings on you both !!!
Saundra Hoffert aka Nana Hoffert :O)

Katie said...

Oh Kevin, this picture is beyond my wildest expectations. It is absolutely stunning. Everyone looks so beautiful and handsome...what a day!! It was just like a fairy tale!

Anne said...

One of the MANY beautiful pictures that Kevin took. What would we have done without him. He did it all. Decorate,run the video camera, and take the still photos. We relaxed and he worked the whole time. Thank you so much,Kevin.