Monday, May 18, 2009

Sunday afternoon

Actually, this picture was taken Sunday morning before leaving for church...I found Kaleb and Travis sitting like this. :)

Wyatt, Michael, Steve, and Kevin fishing at the Preacher's pond. Michael and Kevin caught some very large bass and crappie, but I didn't have the camera no photo of them.

Kevin lost Wyatt's lure(a memorable memento given to Wyatt from a very dear relative) in the, he plunges in after it.
Travis and Kaleb fishing...

Wyatt wants to show us his muscles... :)

Wyatt takes Allyson out for a leisurely boat ride around the pond.

A very pleasurable day!


Anne said...

What a pretty place for you all to spend the day together. Did Kevin find the lure?

Candace said...

Our Sunday school class met at the Preacher and his wife's house after church for a picnic...and then we and the Copes stayed there for the rest of the afternoon fishing and playing.
Kevin did find the lure. It really wasn't a gift from a dear relative...that was a joke! :)

Katie said...

Their house looks like something out of a magazine!! It is absolutely beautiful! That's what I'd like to have....a big huge pond to fish and swim in by my house. But I guess it'd be better to not do that in FL since the pond would probably be infested with gators and snakes.

Kristin said...

What a wonderful Sunday afternoon. The Lord is so good to us all.