Friday, May 15, 2009

Graber Fun!

Marian and her four children...Amos, Anna, Adam, and Abby...came over to our house today for lunch and a full afternoon of energetic FUN! :) Anna and Allyson had SO much fun playing together and are already making plans for another play date! I really enjoyed visiting w/Marian.
Marian brought me this Hazelnut Cream scented candle which smells extremely good!


photozmom said...

I bet it WAS energetic !!!! I KNOW you had lots of fun !!! I LOVE the picture of this great bunch of kids....Where was Travis???

Candace said...

Travis was taking a nap in my arms...recharging his battery. ;)

Kristin said...

This is so neat, Candace. I have a lady that lives right down the street that goes to our church and she and I always talk of getting together and letting our kids play, but it seems I never have time. All the kids look so cute. I cant wait for mera too find a good friend like ally

Your hair looks so pretty with that wave. I am so envious

Anne said...

I bet it was fun day. I love hazelnut cream flavor especially in coffee so I know I would love the smell of that candle.

Katie said...

I was wondering where Travis was also. I miss nibbling on his little cheeks and neck! :-)

What kind of stuff did the kids do? I just bought a whole new bunch of candles and one of them happened to be hazlenut and that has been my absolute favorite scent so far!