Sunday, February 22, 2009

A day with Mera shopping

I love following Mera around in the stores when  we go shopping; she thinks every store is a  playground. All she needed was a slide and a swing.


Candace said...

Meradeth is enchanting!
I love the pic design. If I had other photo programs besides my little Picasa one, I'd spend all day in front of the computer. :)

grandaddy said...

This message is for better get ready for alot of bitting, nibbling, tickling, pinching, slobering, pulling, twisting, and running after you because the big bad wolf is coming to your house to GET YOU!!!

Katie said...

You're so funny, Grandaddy! :-)

Meradeth looks so cute in her little pigtails. I remember how much I loved wearing my hair that way when I was a little girl. Don't you remember that too, Mama? HA HA HA!!

Anne said...

Oh, yeah!! That was my favorite way to fix you girls' hair. And you all did look like little dolls. Now Meradeth, what kind of clothing store are you in? It looks like a clowns dress up place with the colors and bangles? Grandmother thinks that you are a sweet little doll.