Sunday, November 30, 2008

Virginia Thanksgiving

Oh boy, what fun we're having!! We just finished driving one way over the bridge tunnel and now we're stopping at the look-out to take some pictures and enjoy the scenery. After this we stopped for lunch at the bridge restaurant...YUMMY! There will be many more pictures added of all the other fun things we did. I will put them on Shutterfly when I get home.


Candace said...

Well...looky there...four knuckleheads! ...the scout is pioneering the way in the front...and their chief is heading up the rear.

Kristin said...

Funny, candace. Just looking at the four of you makes me ache inside because I miss all of you sooooo much. I wish so badly we could have been there.

Anne said...

We wish you all could have been here too.