Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Activites before headin' to the Ozarks

Travis preparing to do some last minute discing in his fields before he leaves for the weekend...

We have the tree lighted and decorated...

Travis is Mama's wonderful helper when it's time to start packing! He dashes to everyone's drawers, grabs a handful of clothes, and throws it into the suitcase...packing DONE! :)

We are hoping to be pulling out at 4 in the morning...and arrive early in Eureka Springs, Arkansas to pick out a great restaurant to eat our Thanksgiving meal! Yum! ...can't cooking or cleaning up for me this year!
Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! Goodbye...until December 1st!

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Anne said...

Travis didn't want to take any chances of being left at home. He is a little doll. Your lights make the house look so cozy at night. I need to get mine up.