Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Travis sees the Doc

Today, Travis went to the doctors for his 2 year check up...yes, I know, a little late on that. He didn't receive any shots...only a lead screening. That was a prick in his big toe...the nurse kept squeeze'n that toe for blood to put enough on the test strip. Unlike his mother, Travis didn't make a peep through the whole thing...even when the nurse pricked him a second time because there wasn't any blood coming out of the first little hole she had made. I had to look away because all that blood was making me feel light headed...such a weak stomach!
Travis weighed 29 lbs(50%) and measured 36 inches(75%) in height. Thank the Lord for a healthy boy He blessed us with!


Katie said...

Oh Travis looks so brave, despite the toe pokings...just like his Aunt Katie.

Anne said...

Was the prick before or after the picture.He looks so sweet.Candace, you sound as brave as your mother.

Kristin said...

Tell travis that his aunt kristin got a prick today to so he wasn't alone. I had to look just because I love seeing the needle go in. Travis, you are such a great little boy!!!