Friday, August 29, 2008

Here are some pics of Mera at the air show.
I wish you could hear the sounds she is making in the photo of her walking. I will try to explain ; woooooaaaahuuuuuhwooo!!!!!!!


Anne said...

She looks so cute,Kevin. I wish I could have been there to watch her excited face and listen to her talk.

Candace said...

I'm making this comment from Sandi's computer.
I can't believe how much older Meradeth is looking...and SO tall in the photo of her walking! Doesn't it seem sometimes as if they grew overnite when they wake up in the morning? :)
Great pics, Kevin...we got to see the corner of Kristin's head in one of the photos. :O

Katie said...

That girl is a scream!! That outfit with the bandana looks like she should make a little work-out video or something. Sooo cute!

grandaddy said...

She looks like a girl on a mission, doesn't she? In a few years from now she will be ready to fly this plane. I sure am proud to be her grandaddy.