Monday, September 8, 2008

I got tagged! (for Saundra Hoffert)

4 Things I was doing 10 yrs. ago...
  • Began my sophomore year at PCC

  • Was worrying about passing my sophomore art evaluation

  • Parents moved to VA

  • Enjoying the warm sunny white beaches of Pensacola

4 Things on my to do list today

  • Teach Allyson and Kaleb school

  • Go for a bike ride if the weather permits

  • Fold laundry(exciting, huh?)

  • Make a delicious lunch for family

4 Things I love about my husband

  • He is a wonderful father

  • He really listens to me

  • He works hard to provide for his family

  • He loves reading his Bible going to church

4 Jobs I have had

  • CNA(certified nursing assistant)

  • waitress

  • bookbinder

  • graphic design assistant

4 Movies I have watched more than once

  • Facing the Giants

  • Flywheel

  • Sound of Music

  • Anne of Green Gables (all three)

4 Places I have lived

  • Knoville, TN

  • Asheville, NC

  • Pensacola, FL

  • Seattle, WA (now IA)

4 Places I have been

  • New York City

  • Canada

  • Portland, OR

  • Atlanta, GA

4 Places I want to visit

  • Swiss Alps

  • Germany

  • Australia

  • Grand Canyon

4 TV shows I watch( all on DVD, don't have TV)

  • Honeymooners

  • I Love Lucy

  • Little house on the Prairie

  • The Christy series

4 Things you may not know about me

  • My maternal grandparents were both born and raised in Norway

  • I'm related to Daniel Boone through my paternal grandmother

  • My father and brother both build aircraft carriers

  • I absolutely LOVE horses!

3 People I am going to tag

Beth @

Jo @

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photozmom said...

Thanks "CUZ" LOL. I enjoyed that!

Anne said...

This was so interesting for me to read, even though I knew alot of it. Very good idea.

Candace said...

Thanks for your comment, Mama. :)
Now it's your turn...I tagged YOU...and the other authors of this blog!

Jay and Jo and Ryan said...

I have been to see the Grand Canyon-it is beyond beautiful! And I would love to hike it someday if the Lord allows!