Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Best Friends

I could take a million pictures like this. Whenever they sit next to each other, they always cuddle like this. Here they enjoying a Little Einstein's episode. I don't know what they are going to do when they don't live together. I hope it wont be traumatic. They do everything together.


Candace said...

Kevin just phoned me from work and told me to check out the cute new post on the blog of Mera and a little boy.
What a picture! ...drenched in sweetness and innocence. :) I could look at them for hours.

Anne said...

Such a precious picture,Kevin. Kids that age have a carefree, stressfree,no responsibility life. They enjoy each other so very much;just like brother and sister.

Katie said...

Oh Kristin, it's going to be just horrible to separate them. They are as close as any brother and sister and it is going to be awful that they're not going to be able to grow up together. You and Olivia will have to work out some kind of child custody arrangement! :-)