Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Monday drive

I fixed it! I'm so excited I had to post this again...please put your comments up again! Thanks!

This is about five miles east of our house. We were try to go biking on the bike trail in Amana, but the highway was closed due to high waters. Allyson and I thought we could find an alternate route on a side gravel rode...this is the road...didn't work out quite as planned. That is a farm house you see in the distance.


Kevin H said...

Show us the back stroke, Ally!!!! :)

Katie said...

This is just unbelievable, Candace! How far away from your house is this?

Ally, you have your own lake now! You need to get a float and catch some rays!

grandaddy said...

this reminds me how dependent on the Lord we really are...it doesnt take much to jepordize our feeble existance on this old troubled world