Thursday, June 19, 2008

Picture of the week "The Fiddler"-KevinW

I took this picture of a man that plays by this ice cream parlor in San Luis Obisbo. I snapped it while walking by. I will try to put one of my favorite pictures that I have taken up every week for you all to give me tips on.


Candace said...

So you took this picture of a picture?

Kevin W said...

No candace, this is a picture I took of live scenery.

Katie said...

Cool picture. Very Norman Rockwell.

Candace said...

Absolutley amazing! You made this photo look like a signiture painting.
If you are asking for tips, I could tell you what my art teacher would say..."the picture has a flat fill to it...there is not really a focal point for the viewers eye to settle on...instead of the harsh darks and lights there needs to be more of a smooth range of the medium" My art teacher loved what light could do to paintings...if you look at John Singer Sargent's work you will see what he was talking about.
Great job! I would buy it! :)

Candace said...

Just one more comment :)

If you ever see this guy playing again, you should show him this picture...I think he would be surprised how artistic and wonderful you made him look!

Kevin W said...

WE were thinking of giving him a print