Sunday, April 6, 2008

My 30th birthday!

Kelly, me and Beth are shopping at Kohl's. We decided we needed to start look'n more hip...or should I say rather like bugs? Where's the fly swatter when ya need it!?
Here my sweet friends are treating me to a pedicure, my first. Which I absolutely loved! I had to wait for a women to do my feet because Kevin told Kelly and Beth that he didn't want a 'man' to touch my feet...lucky 'man', uh? :)
As all you coffee drinkers will understand, we HAD to stop and have our coffee break! Hey, who's coffee is that ANYWAY?!
Here my wonderful friends are treating me to lunch...I had a Japanese dish..."Chicken and Shrimp Tempura". I gave Kelly a good laugh after we finished eating...we carried our trays over to the trash to empty them, and I wasn't thinking(very rare) and dumped my garbage AND TRAY into the trash can.
At the Hallmark store. Kelly giggled and laughed over this book! You should've heard her...I left to get pick up some cards in another part of the find my way back to them, I just followed the sound of Kelly's cackle. :)


Kristin said...

This is so great, candace that you have such nice friends to go out with. There is nothing like having nice Christian friends to hang out with.

photozmom said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Candace. Glad you had a great 30th!
Love ya!

Katie said...

I've already commented on all your Birthday pics on Shutterfly. I'm so glad you had a wonderful birthday outting!! It's so fun to hvae nice girls to hang out with. That's why I can't wait until you and Kristin and Mama and Ally get here!! :-)