Sunday, April 6, 2008


This Sunday morning, Allyson came to me and said that she was going to go forward at the invitation and get saved. She said she wasn't going to be bashful anymore...she didn't want to worry about going to hell any longer! SO, tonight she went forward at the invitation and Mrs. Brown(the preacher's wife and Ally's very good friend) led her to the Lord. When the service was over, they both came back to tell me and of course I began crying and bawling. In the van on the way home, Allyson called Grandaddy and Grandmother to share w/them her wonderful news. She is so happy now that she will go to heaven...she said, "Wow, I think being saved is the most wonderful thing in the world!"
Let's all pray that the next post we read will be "BESTEFAR GOT SAVED! HE'S BORN AGAIN!"


Kristin said...

This is wonderful!!! Its just shy of being the month that we all decided to pray for three things for the Lord to answer in that month. PRAISE THE LORD! The angels will be singing loud tonight, for little Ally's soul is safe from Satan's hands. Let's all turn our complete focus now to Bestifar. I think that our prayer should be that he will have no rest from the Holy Spirit until he finally gives in...And more importantly that the Holy Spirit will keep knocking...What GREAT NEWS, hanna family...Now just two more little ones to go...

Candace said...

Daddy got saved on April 3rd.
Allyson got saved on April 6th.
I got saved on April 29th.
Did Caleb and Kristin get saved on April 16th?

photozmom said...

Nana Hoffert couldn't be more pleased !!!What wonderful news! Praise God for a decision made at a young age!

Katie said...

Oh, Allyson, that is the most wonderful news in the whole world!! You are so sweet and precious and I'm so glad that I will never have to be without you now because we will be together in Heaven forever.