Saturday, April 19, 2008

Red Alert!

Whoever can guess first how this is accomplished will get an extra big hug and kiss from me when I see you in May! :)

Katie is correct! A big smooch is coming your way soon!


grandaddy said...
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grandaddy said...

Dear sweet Allyson,
Remember our secret that we talked about on the phone? every time you watch Puuky Lucy write down the bad stuff she does. You know, stuff like smoking and drinking and lying to her husband and being sneaking and mean and trying to boss her husband around and never praying at mealtime....see how many things she does and you can give me a full report when i SEE YOU IN FLORIDA IN 2 WEEKs!!!
...remember this is our secret so dont tell anyone...grandaddy loves ALLYSON

Katie said...

The faucet is attached to a clear pipe which holds it in place. The water gushes over the top of the pipe; therefore, you cannot see the pipe, and it gives the illusion of supporting the faucet in the air.

grandaddy said...

Daddy and I think that there is a fountain in this pool that caused the shadow(to the left). Someone spliced in the spigot with water coming out of it so the water from the spigot coming down blends in with the water going up from the fountain that is really a part of the pool. Mama

Kristin said...

mama, your idea of what made the faucet thing work was hilarious (so is the way I spelt that word). I just got on here now so I didn't get to beat katie on the answer. Yes, I did know how this works because they have smaller scales of this at a plant store in morro bay. Kevin acutally took a picture of it. I will have to put it on shutterfly. So, candace, I think I deserve the kiss and hug.