Tuesday, December 13, 2016

December Hog Show!


Grannie said...

Love the pictures! You did great, Kaleb. The very last picture was the best with Truffles smiling, as well. :-)

Anne said...

Kaleb,I can't wait for you to explain to us what the judges are looking for as you walk around the ring. Truffles is very well behaved. You have done a good job training her. I bet she was glad to get home with her pals.

James Bentley said...

Dear sweet Kaleb,
What an interesting project! You and Truffles really hogged the show! Truffles didn't even seem to mind the crowd and really enjoy the other pigs and the camera close up, she is a real ham. I am so PROUD of you and all your hard work I could squeal.... you really brought home the bacon. I feel plum hoggish over you and can't wait to get my pinchers onto some pork chops!
I love you,

The Whitleys said...

You did a great job kaleb.