Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Speech Day!


Anne said...

Wonderful, wonderful job!!! Travis, you give a speech as good as any seasoned speaker. Your method of delivery makes your speech all the more interesting. You'll have to show me all of your rough rider knives. Allyson, I know you did a great job also. It is a good thing that I was not there. I get nervous enough just watching it on the blog. Most people have such a difficult time getting up in front of a group to speak; and with all of the practice you guys are getting, that will be no problem for the three of you when you get older.

Grannie said...

Congratulations, Allyson and Travis! You both gave wonderful speeches. I'm very proud of you.

James Bentley said...

Travis your speeches are so good because the listeners can sense that you are excited about the topic and the opportunity to be sharing with them all this great information! You must have learned all those techniques from your big sister!!!

If grandaddy made a speech it would be .......

Allyson I love you
Kaleb I love you
Travis I love you

the end.