Sunday, October 4, 2015

Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge from kevin whitley on Vimeo.


Candace said...

What a wonderful time you guys had, beautiful pictures! The rainbow was breathtaking.
Go Balsam Range! LOVE the South!

James Bentley said...

Love my precious grandchildren they look adorable!!!
The music really was perfect...did Balsam sing the 2nd song also?
That beautiful rainbow is an illustration of how beautiful God's faithfulness is to continue to confirm HIS covenant after thousands of years!!!

Katie said...

What WONDERFUL pictures! For only two days it looks like you really were able to see soooo many things! I have to work on doing a better photo spread like you and Candace when we take a trip. I feel like I'm on the vacation with you when I look at your pictures. I usually do the same shots: Eric in the driver seat, me in the passenger seat, Gracie in the back seat. And I do those at the start and the end of the trip....nothing in the middle. Not sure why I think those are interesting to anyone. Have to work on that for next time.

Grandmother said...

Another terrific video!!! Meradeth got to touch a rainbow. How does a rainbow feel, Meradeth? Was that one plant the venus fly trap? There is nothing more beautiful then the mountains, and you can have a good time regardless of the weather.
What is the name of the second song and can we hear it on youtube?