Monday, March 9, 2015

snow visit

snow visit from kevin whitley on Vimeo.


Candace said...

Priceless pictures! What joy and happiness!
My favorites were the follows:
Katie looking up so sweetly at Eric in the Knife Works store.
Kristin and I making the same exact face in the taffy store.
James licking his lips staring at the chocolate goodies.
And all the pictures of Gracie.
FUN times!

Anne said...

Oh boy, were these pictures fun to look at and the music you picked added so much. We got a kick out of James staring at the candy. I remember all of the fun times I have had sitting in the pancake pantry with Mormor and Bestefar and you kids the same age as our grandchildren are now. Bestefar loved going up there.

James Bentley said...

This is like taking a stroll down memory lane!!!.....we are so blesses... precious memories and a precious future also!!! The Lord is so gracious and loving in spite of all our shortcomings and weaknesses.

Katie said...

These pictures were just wonderful! We had such a great time with everyone. We talked nonstop the whole drive home about all of the fun things we did and how cute the kids are. I think the most hair raising adventure was the little side trip Allyson took us on where we got to slide our car down the side of an icy hill in the dark. Thank you, Ally, for giving us something so exciting to remember and talk about! Haha! We can't wait to see everyone again!!