Tuesday, January 27, 2015

This gun is a replica of what John Smith would have used in Jamestown.
Kaleb is wearing the "12 apostles".  These 12 wooden containers were filled with gun powder.  When you see how this gun is fired...by lighting the end of a rope on your gun...you'll know how dangerous having gun powder hanging around your neck could be!  It is probably what caused John Smith's terrible gun powder accident, which sent him back to England to recover.


James Bentley said...

Dear Kaleb,
You sure know a lot about weapons. I bet that old musket was very heavy...I wonder if you might get to shot that old musket one day? Those 12 apostles look very powerful ...maybe that's how they got that name? because the LORD worked through the real 12 apostles and they very powerful?

Anne said...

I can see, after watching this video, how dangerous this musket gun could be. If I were fighting the Indians I would rather use your bow and arrow to fight them then the musket gun. It takes too long to reload. Did he say what the fastest time was in reloading one. I guess those guys way back then had their wives next to them reloading one gun while they fired the other.

Candace said...

The park ranger said a requirement for the British army was to shoot 3 times in one minute.
I didn't get a video of how he loaded gun powder, that took time.

Kevin W said...

I wish I could have seen these. What a great 4H class. -Kristin