Friday, August 8, 2014

Good Job

To Whom It May Concern:

Last Thursday, July 31, our twenty-one year old daughter, who is under the care of a psychiatrist for clinical depression, phoned her therapist and stated she was suicidal. The doctor kept my daughter on the line and called for help. Officer Eric Claxton responded to the call and located our daughter at the corner of Wells Rd. & Hwy 17. He spoke to Rebecca and verified that she was extremely upset; additionally, he noticed that she had multiple fresh cuts on her wrists. Officer Claxton spoke to Rebecca and calmed her down. He allowed me to speak with her and even got on the phone himself to explain the next steps to me. 

My husband I and wanted to take a moment and say thank you to Officer Claxton and the OP Police Department. Officer Claxton was kind and professional in his dealings with our daughter during a very difficult time. He was equally professional and informative when speaking to us on the phone to explain the situation. While I would never wish anyone to experience this circumstance, the silver lining was having an officer who took the time to show compassion in the face of a difficult situation. 

Thank you seems inadequate, but those are the only words we have. Please know that we are truly grateful for the kindness shown to our daughter by this extraordinary officer, and would be happy to speak with any superior who should be notified. 

Brent & Tina


James Bentley said...

Dear Eric,
For you to be able to prevent a young from killing herself is such a wonderful thing! I just know the LORD was using you to save this girl's life! I am very proud of you Eric. :)

Anne said...

What a blessing you are Eric to so many people. It is a gift from the Lord to be able to handle a difficult situation the way you did. We love you.

Candace said...

A heart rending and touching letter. Eric, your calmness and assurance is such a priceless gift.
Thank you for posting!

jcbent said...

Great Job, Eric!

Kevin W said...

Eric, you are incredible! I cannot imagine working with the people that you have to deal with everyday. I have no idea how you do it! -Kristin