Friday, July 11, 2014

Kaleb's Swim Meet - July 10

Kaleb won 1st in breaststroke and 2nd in freestyle and backstroke.
The end of the video is his team practicing a relay.


Grandaddy said...

Dear Kaleb,
I am so proud of you for practicing so much and working so hard on your swimming. In my book you are the BEST*** Swimmer ever... you swim so good i think you may have webs between your toes!!!

Anne said...

Dear sweet Kaleb, I just love watching this video. You are a fantastic swimmer. You zoom through the water like a fish. Your dive into the water was perfect. I wish that I could be there for your meet this Sunday evening. Please get mama to take lots of videos. I cheer for you when I watch them.

Kevin W said...

This is just awesome Kaleb!!! It is amazing to see how you have gotten so good after such a short time.
-Aunt Kristin