Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Kaleb's Birthday Present



Anne said...

Kaleb, Rhino looks like a white hamster that my sister and I had. We also had a brown hamster. When mormor had her lady friends over we would take them out of their cages and show the company. The ladies weren't too crazy about our hamsters.

Grandaddy said...

Dear Kaleb,
Do you plan on starting a hamster ranch? if so name the next one ham&eggster ..... on 2nd thought dont do that because it sounds like a tasty treat.... you might get hungry one day and .... well i dont even want to think about it... i love you Kaleb

Kevin W said...

Ive had the pleasure of holding Rhino and he is quite cute I must say. That is something coming from a devoted indoor animal hater. He is a wonderful pet for you, Kaleb, Because you are so gentle with him.