Saturday, June 14, 2014

Happy 40th Anniversary!

mamadaddy from kevin whitley on Vimeo.


Kathyrn Claxton said...

Happy Anniversary, Daddy & Mama! You get more handsome every year, Daddy. And you look more beautiful than ever, Mama! You are the absolute most wonderful parents in the whole world, and I LOVE YOU both immensley!

Grandaddy said...

I know this must have taken hours to put together. You did a fabulous job with the pictures and the music! So many wonderful memories, the Lord has been so merciful and so gracious to us for 40 years. HE blessed us with 4 wonderful children Katie, Candace, Caleb & Kristin which have brought so much joy and love into those 40 years. The LORD has truly showered us with an infinite amount of blessings. These pictures remind us of that, thank you again!

Anne said...

Daddy and I watched this video over and over again tonight. You all did a wonderful job putting it together. As we looked at the pictures we talked about the places each one was taken. Lots of precious memories. Did you all notice that I was expecting Katie in the picture where we were sitting on the couch. I know that hours went into putting this together, and we are so appreciative. We were just saying that in the first several pictures we were lost sinners and in the ones after we were a child of God saved by His marvelous grace. That is the only thing that can make a marriage truly joyful.