Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The 4-H Chick Chain Project Show and Sale

In March, Allyson began the Chick Chain Project w/15 baby hens.  Yesterday evening was the the end of the project...the show and sale!  Judges from the University of Tennessee came out to judge the 4-Her's chickens.  Division #1 was all the 4th grader's birds; and Division #2 was the 5th - 12th grades, which had twenty entries.  So, Allyson was competing against high schoolers.  The places were Grand Champion, reserved Grand Champion, blue ribbon, and red ribbon.
Allyson WON the Grand Champion award!  Her birds sold in the auction for $12.50 apiece, proceeds go to support the 4-H club.
She received a framed certificate and $50!


Kristin said...

OH MY GRACIOUS DAY IN THE MORNING!!!! I have been waiting for this. This is so amazing I don't even have words...I was so happy when I read this that I cheered out loud. I am NOT suprised at all that you won, Allyson. Thats what happens when you have determination and put in hard work. I'll bet there were some high school boys out there that you put to shame. Good for you!!! I am so absolutely proud of you beyond words. Candace, she is such a beautiful young lady.

Katie said...

OH MY GOSH Allyson I am just speechless right now! Absolutely blown out of the water with your talent! I sure can't wait until I get to meet all your animals and get a tour of your farm...especially the chickens.

Anne said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Allyson!!!!!! What a great job you have done raising your chickens. I am so proud of you. I sure wish I could have been there to see you get Grand Champion.

Grandaddy said...

Dear Allyson,
You have the best most cared for chickens in the universe!!! no chickens have ever had the attention and love you give your chickens... you are a very special girl... a GRAND CHAMPION in every category.

Allyson said...

Aunt Kristin,
I expected to win a blue or red ribbon but never thought I'd win Grand Champion! I can't wait to see you!

Aunt Katie,
I cannot wait for you to see my chickens. My most beautiful black hen didn't get to show because it had a chipped beak.

I wish you could have been there also.

Thank you, Grandaddy!