Monday, August 5, 2013

Hanna Research Center 2013-2014

6th grade

4th Grade

2nd grade


Anne said...

At least you have one excited student. I always enjoyed opening a brand new book and beginning the new year. And next week you have another vacation to look forward to. I think that is a good way to do it. Have one week of school and one week of vacation.

Grandaddy said...

It looks like some heavy duty researching is going on at the Hanna Research Center!!! Boy I wish i was there to help the teacher administer the board of education to the seat of knowledge!!!

Kevin W said...

Wow, what enthusiastic faces!!! You guys look just like Meradeth does when I say, "Ok, its time for schoolwork." Kaleb, I like yours the best. Its like you are trying you best to make it look like you are happy. I cannot even imagine how hard it is to have all three kids in school. I can barely manage with one in Kindergarden. -Kristin

Katie said...

These pictures are so funny! Allyson looks like she's so studious, poor little Kaleb looks like he's gonna be sick (HaHa!!) and Travis looks like he's inherited Grandaddy's sense of humor with his goofy facial expression!