Wednesday, July 17, 2013


There are videos and pictures of our visit w/Daddy and Mama on the weekend of the 4th, and then other happenings around the Hanna farm.  We have been working w/Scout some; Kevin put the saddle on and held him while I got on his back...Scout did beautifully!  He's such a good horse! We didn't take pictures of that but will sometime and post.


Anne said...

I sure enjoyed watching this video. You are so good at milking, Candace. If you will teach me,I would like to give it a try.
You and Kevin look like professionals playing badmitton. Daddy and I are much funnier to watch. The last time we played Caleb and I were laughing for 5 solid minutes. We are really good at hitting nothing but air.

Candace said...

Kevin is great at badminton, but he lets me win because I am a sore loser.
I am an amateur definitely gets better by just doing it a lot.
I would love to watch you and Daddy play badminton! :)

Kristin said...

I LOVE playing badmitton. I could tell that Kevin was not trying very hard. You are a sore loser, Candace. I remember that. Caleb is too. He would get so angry with him if I was the slightest bit better at anything than him. I LOVED WATCHING you milk the goat. I think you looked more beautiful than if you had on a formal gown with make up and heels and diamonds on. Meradeth will love trying to milk that goat.

Grandaddy said...

Thank you for the great pictures Candace.... I had so much fun goofing off with the kids.... cant wait to get Meradeth & Silas in the mix... i plan on rubbing the fur off all of them!!!

Candace said...

You will have to play badminton when you are here, Kristin. I like playing w/Travis...he's so cute and fun.
Daddy, you took about all these pictures. I'm so glad you did!