Monday, June 17, 2013


We went to birthday party Saturday and the theme was superheroes. So I found and easy pattern online and sewed these for the kids. Then, Kevin and I made the designs from some foam paper. I used velcro on most of the larger decals and then attached some velcro to the front of their shirt so they could replace a certain "weather" on the front of their shirt depending on what they wanted. They were "weather woman" and "weather man".  We took them by Grammie's house and she approved of the capes!

 Mera deciding she wanted to have some sunshine


Grandaddy said...

Meradeth, you are just beautiful in your weather woman outfit. You look just like happy sunshine. Did you get sunshine that day like you predicted? What kind of weather did you predict, Silas?

Grandaddy said...

Dear Meradeth & Silas,
Grandmother wrote the comment above, (i forgot to sign out). I love you 2 knuckle heads... yea your right, if you could find a weatherman or woman that could predict the weather accurately, they would be a super hero or shero.

Candace said...

Great job, Kristin! Making and sewing outfits/clothes is something I just can't wrap my brain around.
You could go into business w/all your talents, Kristin. My kids would love these.
Meradeth and Silas look so sweet! :)

Katie said...

Kristin, I thought I had made a comment on this a long time ago, but maybe I forgot to actually post it.

This is just amazing that you could not only come up with these genius ideas, but then actually make them happen! I have zero talent in the creativity department

The kids look just amazing!