Sunday, May 19, 2013

Video 1

riding from kevin whitley on Vimeo.


Anne said...

I think we laughed through the whole video. This was great!!! Kids can make a game out of anything they do.Silas and Meradeth did wonderful on the skates and scooters. And James looked like a happy camper.

Candace said...

That scooter can go really fast and make quick turns; it can be uncertain at first. Silas will be zooming on it before you know it. :)
I have always wanted to try rollerblading...Meradeth is doing great!

grandaddy said...

Dear precious James,
you look so content riding in your stroller and enjoying the CA weather. it wont be long and you will be joining in on all the excitement with you brother and sister!!!!
grandaddy loves James

Katie said...

What great videos! Meradeth is a nut as usual and Silas is just a little doll. I liked how every time you'd try to teach him how to do the scooter he'd just let you push him. HAHA! I have tried roller blading before and I thought it was a lot of work and exhausting. James looks so cute just sitting there in his stroller watching everyone.