Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Yesterday, Kaleb fell from a height of over ten feet and has a spiral fracture and a break in the bones in his left leg.  He is recovering well so far.  Isn't he a cute little patient?  :)
Kristin emailed this video to me, and I had to put it on the blog.
"Meradeth, you are so sweet to care about me so much."

Kaleb laughing at Ben's funny get-well card.
"Thank you, Ben, those jokes really cheered me up!"


photozmom said...

Oh Kaleb !!! I am SO sorry to hear about your fall!! SO thankful that you didn't hurt yourself worse! PLEASE be careful !! Nana Hoffert loves you !!

Kristina Reagan said...

Oh my, scary!

Kevin W said...

Kaleb, you look like I did when I was5 years old. I broke my leg. Mine was the left leg also.Your cast looks so much cooler than mine did though. :-)

Katie said...

Kaleb, you are just the cutest patient I have ever seen! :-) How is your leg feeling now? Are you enjoying having a break from doing your chores? Mera's video was just precious. I could hardly keep from crying just watching it.

GET WELL SOON, KALEB!! I love you!

Anne said...

I cried all over again when I watched Meradeth's video. You are a sweet girl,Meradeth, to have such compassion for your cousin.
How thankful we are to now see his smiling face and he has no pain. You are a brave boy,Kaleb, and a good patient. I love all of my grandbabies so much.