Friday, April 12, 2013


A get-well poster Kaleb's friends made for him.
"I think this poster is so sweet!  I am very thankful everyone is praying for me!" said Kaleb.
The Ray's brought a huge bag of candy, fun coloring books and activities, molding clay, and art supplies.
Jean and Ben brought Krispy Kreme doughnuts.
Ms Barbara brought a funny wiggle-tail toy
"It is amazing that you all came to visit me! Thank you for signing my cast. I love you!" said Kaleb


Anne said...

Whow, you sure had a great surprise today,Kaleb. What good friends you have. I really like your poster they made for you. It certainly is wonderful to see Mrs. Barbara is feeling so good again, and she got to come to your get-well party.

Kevin W said...

Candace, my heart just warmed up when I saw all these pics and videos. What a wonderful bunch of friends and loved ones you have around you. The poster was amazing!!! I am sure all of this is making having a broken leg a little easier for Kaleb. Thank you so much for posting all this so we can enjoy it also. I loved seeing Ms. Barbara. She looks at pretty and ladylike as ever. -Kristin