Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Allyson is participating in the 4-H Chick Chain Project this year.  She has received her chicks(all hens) and now will raise them and then show her best six at the Knoxville County Fair this fall.  Part of the project is keeping a detailed log book of everything that happens while raising her chicks this year; whoever turns in the best project book at the end of the year will win $50.

The log house is the play house Kevin built for the kids.  The chicks are Black Sex Links...I don't think Allyson has begun naming them yet.
Kaleb is only slightly taller than Travis, but he is much heavier than Travis. (Candace)


grandaddy said...

My dear ole buddy Kaleb and my dear ole pal 2 sure are good wrestlers, I enjoyed watching you 2 go at it!!!
My sweet Allyson...what a chicken farmer you are, i bet you grow up and have a huge chicken farm and put turn KFC into TFC....Eggland Best Eggs will be Allysonland Better than Best Eggs!!!!

Kevin W said...

That was so funny to watch. I was trying not to laugh so I would not wake James or Kristinah up.
Those look like some nice looking chickens Allyson.

Katie said...

Is that Claws you're holding, Allyson? I can't wait to see which 6 chicks you pick for the fair. I would have a difficult time because they're all sooo cute!

Kaleb and Travis wrestling was hilarious! They looked like it was all for fun in the beginning and it seemed to get a little more intense there towards the end! I was picturing you chasing me around the yard with the rake, Candace! HaHa!

Anne said...

Is that the beginnings of a log house I see in the woods? Allyson, your chicks are beautiful? What kind of chicks are they? Do they all have names now?

Kristin said...

Ok, so that was one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time. Are they a pretty even match, Candace, or is Kaleb just toying with Travis. They both look so muscular and healthy. Allyson, you look so feminine and lady like. Can't wait to see how your chicks turn out.