Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Four Babies

These chicks were hatched from Allyson's incubator
From left to right, here are their names:  Chief Massasoit, Pip-squeak, Squirt, and Sunny
We will keep the hens and kill the roosters.  I saw one of them hatch, but I can't remember which one.
Love, Allyson


Anne said...

I have been meaning to ask you about Allyson's chicks. How long ago did they hatch? I bet they all have names already. I think my favorite is the black one,Allyson. How long do you have to wait until they start laying eggs? Did you watch them come out of their shells? I sure would have liked to see that.

grandaddy said...

Allyson, you are the mother hen, so you get to name them...

here are suggestions for the four names:

ok Kaleb and Travis your job is to raise them right and teach them right so they wont grow up to CLUCKS.

Kevin W said...

These chicks look so happy. What is their future, Allyson? Are they for laying, killing, selling? -Kristin

Lula said...

This is amazing...We are sure enjoying our eggs, Ally! Keep up the terrific work :-)

Amy Judy said...

Thank you again for the eggs. You to Allison. I love the picture of you holding the baby chicks.