Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Early morning...the distant mountain looks fiery red
Back view
Our mountain
The peach colored leaves are my favorite.
Barrel of fun
Honey's winter coat.  Pretty folige in the background.
Recently got a plow for the tractor
Finished product
For some reason, which I am trying to figure out, the blog is not allowing me to write comments on posts.  So, I'm going to add my comment below:
The fall colors were in full spectrum this year which makes picture taking exciting.
Daddy, that barrel provided an entire day of entertainment for the kids.  Like Kevin and I say, it doesn't take alot of money to make a kid happy.
And yes, Katie, I would like to see creative pictures of palm trees.  :)  ---cmh


photozmom said...

LOVE the autumn in the country !!!! Absolutely Gorgeous !!!!!

Kristin said...

Oh Candace! This looks like a spread from a magizine. Beautiful...just gorgous. I would love to be there and smell the clean fresh crisp air. Thank you for posting these pictures. I was beginning to forget what real fall looks like. I know Fran will love them too because it will remind her of Kentucky.

Anne said...

What words can adequately describe the beauty of God's creation. And the beauty of this earth will not come close to the beauty of heaven.

grandaddy said...

Kaleb's montain sure looks pretty in the fall.....and more fun than a barrel monkeys.....well at least 3 monkeys!

Katie said...

Absolutely beautiful!! Fall is probably my favorite time of year. This looks like something you would see in a vacation magazine that people who pay money to rent. And you get to live there all year long! Would you like me to take some photos of palm trees and send them to you? :)

Kevin W said...

What beautiful colors. I have always loved Fall colors,but we don't get to many of the changes over here.I would love have the 4 Seasons. Great pictures of the kids too.

Kevin W said...

And Allyson looks like she is riding a surfboard.