Monday, August 6, 2012

Orange Park Police Department

Orange Park Police Deparment
(all officers, dispatchers, and admin)

John Jock, Ed Kaczkowski, Arvid Nelson, Randy Case

All officers below the Sergeants

Eric's squad


Anne said...

Those sure are good pictures. Everytime I see a police car I think of Eric. We are proud of you.

grandaddy said...

Dear Eric,
You look like the most capable officer in the Orange Park!
Orange Park is now a much safer place now that you are putting the squeeze on crime. I'm sure all the seedy crimials can feel the squeeze in Orange Park and will start peeling out of Orange Park before they get turned to pulp. Keep those law enforcement juices flowing so Orange Park can stay as healthy as vitaim C!
I love you Eric

Kristin said...

Daddy!!!!!! You are a complete kook. You are so funny. Eric I am going to print out one of the pictures of you and put it on the fridge. That way we can look at your handsome face everyday and also remember to pray for you. We all love you!!!

Candace said...

Great pictures, and a nice size police force to work in too.I bet you are glad to be wearing a uniform again, Eric.
Travis wants to be policeman. :)

Katie said...

Daddy, you are hysterical!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!