Friday, July 6, 2012

June 30th - July 6th


Anne said...

I really enjoyed watching these movies. Everything looked just perfect. I like the slide at the hotel. Did the man jump through the burning hoop? The boat house was so cozy. The fish that Kevin caught was big. I guess you had it for supper? Beautiful scenery!! Daddy and I are ready to live on that houseboat for a whole summer. You and Kevin are looking younger with each passing year.

Kristin said...

I have been looking forward to seeing these! What an absolutely wonderful time. Meradeth is absolutely aching to go onto a houseboat. She kept saying through the whole thing..."I wish I could be there with them....I wish I could be there." Loved the pictures. Loved the videos. Just wish I could be there too.

Candace said...

I mistakenly pushed the record button right before the guy jumped threw the burning hoop. We ate the large mouth bass, a bullhead, trout, and a small walleye. You are so sweet, Mama! :)
This houseboat was a child's paradise, Kristin!
On the night of the 4th, we saw a great fireworks show from a distant houseboat.

grandaddy said...

You lucky knuckle heads definitly had way to much fun without me.
Travis what was your mostest funnest thing you did?
Kaleb what was the mostest funnest thing you did?
Allyson what was best thing for you on your vacation?

Candace said...

I liked the Dixie Stampede the most. We ate food while we watched a show; it was so amazing. The Indians came in first and then the settlers. The North and the South had a fight! I cheered for the South!
I learned how to swim at the hotel pool. I won 1,000 tickets at the arcade! Daddy and I fished during the night at the lake. I loved jumping off the houseboat into the lake!
Going swimming off the houseboat...and going to the hotel and swimming in the inside pool and the outside pool...and going down that slide...and snacking out w/Daddy...and that's all! Oh, my other funnest thing is riding Scout!

Allyson said...

Dear Grandaddy,
I liked the Dixie Stampede the most. My favorite part of the Dixie Stampede was when the guy jumped the horses threw the fire. I ate a whole chicken! I told Mama when I grow up I want to work at Dixie Stampede.
The hotel poolslide had a waterfall rushing down it that made you zoom out.
The houseboat was amazing!