Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Silas saying his sounds

                                            Meradeth's new haircut and style from Grammie


Candace said...

Silas is amazing w/his alphabet sounds.
You are looking so grownup, Meradeth. :)

grandaddy said...

Dear Silas,
You have got to be the smartest little boy your age in the whole world!!! Your going to a genius when you grow up. I sure did enjoy seeing you on the computer last night.
Dear Meradeth,
I like your new hair style, you look like a little lady with those bangs...thank you for singing my favorite song "Jesus loves me" to us on the computer last night.

I love Silas,
I love Meradeth,


Anne said...

I was sitting with my mouth open in amazement listening to Silas. Meradeth, did you teach Silas his sounds? You look so lovely in your new hairstyle.

Katie said...

That was UNBELIEVABLE hearing Silas do his alphabet sounds!Especially with the difficult ones like Q and X. It was just amazing!

Meradeth you look so beautiful. I sure do like your new hair-do! Do you like having bangs? Maybe you could try to fix them like your Aunt Katie and Aunt Candace used to like to fix theirs...curled and stuck up in the air with hairspray! :-)

Kristin said...

You know, a lot of the credit goes to Fran. For the last year, everytime we go to her house, Silas begs her to play abcs. It is a online site where they go and hear the sound and name of each letter and then do an activity. That is really where he got a great foundation. Along with that and my two videos that he watches everyday, he just really picked it up. We are starting on numbers and the spanish alphabet now.