Friday, June 22, 2012

Mera's Art Class

Meradeth drew and colored this all by herself while following her teacher's examples of shapes like arcs, circles, ovals, triangles and squares.  This was her first art class of the summer and she LOVED it.


Anne said...

What a beautiful picture you drew,Meradeth. Grandmother used to have a car that looked just like the car you drew except that it was yellow. I like your surf board too.When do you get to go to your art class again? How many students were in your class?

Candace said...

The kids did these kind of shape drawings in HEDGE meetings...they are alot of fun. Your picture, Meradeth, is absolutely amazing! Art is the best!

Katie said...

This is sooooo beautiful, Mera!! Can you a draw a picure and mail it to me? You are very artistic just like your Daddy and Aunt Candace.

grandaddy said...

Dear sweet Meradeth,
You are multi-talented!!!
you can sing,
you do gymnastics,
you draw,
you can read,
you can shake the shakers,
you can ride a boogie board on the waves,
Do you know how to swim yet?

I sure am fortunate to have you for my grandaughter!!!